Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Review+Swatch: ELF Mineral Eye shadows

When I first started out with makeup, I went to ELF (eyeslipsface) to try out things that were out of my comfort zone since I heard that the brand was very affordable, their prices generally ranging from $1-$3 USD. When I was shopping on the site, there was a promotion for 10 free mineral eyeshadows with a purchase, so I decided to try out some of their eyeshadows. I have given away half of the ones I originally purchased and kept the ones which were more unique. 

The ELF mineral eye shadows can be used wet or dry. The packaging comes with a sifter like many mineral eye shadows, but I accidentally took them off when I first got them (a novice mistake). As a whole, the ELF mineral eye shadows are not my favorite. The pigmentation is so so, and you have to use them wet to get full intensity or pack it on with a brush. When you blend the shadow out it loses some of the intensity. 

Some people prefer a sheer shadow, so if you like that then these shadows are for you. Personally I don't fancy them much and only keep them because of their color.

The first one I have here is Temptress, a matte eyeshadow.

The first swatch is wet and the second is dry.
Temptress is my favorite of the bunch I still have. It's a matte brown, with a mauvey undertone, which I find really unique. Since it is sheer it makes a good transition color. However I wouldn't use it as a crease color unless I was really pale or going for a very natural look.

Next up we have Glamorous.

The first swatch is wet and the second is dry.

This shadow is a cranberry/magenta shade and is very very shimmery, and has golden flecks as well. When applied to the eye it seems to blend away. This is one I don't reach for.

The next one is Girly.

The first swatch is wet and the second is dry.

This shade is a pretty shimmery lilac. This color doesn't show up very purple when on my eyes personally, more like a silvery color, so when I do use this shade I use it as an inner corner or center of the kid highlight. This is also pretty sheer.

The next one is Flirty.
Top swatch is dry and bottom is wet.

This shade is a pretty shimmery mid tone purple that you need to pack on or use wet to get its true color. I use this one as a lid shade when I do a purple eye. 

The next one is Royal.

Left swatch is wet and the right swatch is dry
This shade is a shimmery dark plum color. When I use this shade dry it doesn't show up that purple or intense, all it does it darken the look and give a slight wash of purple. I like using this color for cooler smokey eyes and reach for this one slighty more than the others.

Have you tried any ELF mineral eyeshadows?

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