Sunday, April 21, 2013

Review and Swatch: Revlon ColorStay Rose Beige Nail Polish

During my trips to the drugstore, I always wander over to the make up section and check out the new displays. For the past month I have eyed this nail polish, and finally I have picked it up, and it's my newest favorite polish for the spring time. This nail polish was part of Revlon's Nude Expressions collection, and I picked it up for around $7.99~ at Rite Aid. It is a very pretty dusty rose, slightly mauve color with a cream finish. 

This polish dries within 5 minutes of application. After 5 minutes, you can write or type on the computer, however I wouldn't recommend washing your hands. I have been wearing this polish for about a week now and there is minimal damage to my manicure. There is some wear at the tips of my nails but nothing too drastic. 

My most damaged nail is my pointer finger on my right hand (dominant hand), and there is only some minor chipping near my cuticle. I don't really know how it ended up chipping at the cuticles.. maybe I was picking my cuticles absentmindedly?

As for the pigmentation of the polish, it looks slightly streaky when the first coat is applied. (I don't think my camera picked it up too well.) But a second coat fixes the streakiness, and the polish reaches full opacity after three coats.

Base Coat
One Coat
Two Coats. It's mainly opaque, but you can see the line where the white part of my nail is.
Three Coats
Overall, I love this color and formulation. It gives a nude look to your hands without making them look totally dead and lifeless. I'm definitely going to be wearing this polish often this spring. Now if only they made a lip color in this shade, I would be in love.

Sally Hansen's Thicken Up was used as a basecoat and Ultimate Shield was used as a top coat.
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  1. amazing review :)
    I love those colors!