Sunday, June 9, 2013

Depotting Benefit Box Sets

Benefit comes out with the cutest little box sets with an amazing value. However, some people are hesitant to pick them up because of the bulky packaging. I have found that deporting the pans is a lot easier than someone would think. Last summer I picked up the Benefit Cabana Glama box set which came with the Hoola bronzer I had been eyeing as well as an eyeshadow trio, Posietint and Some Kinda Gorgeous. 

Posietint and Some Kinda Gorgeous are easy to use because you can pop them out of the packaging, however you can't do that with Hoola or the eye shadows. Over the past year, Hoola and the eyeshadows have been shown little love because I don't like the hassle of the packaging. Today I had a revelation that I should try to depot the pans, but I was always discouraged because the pans sit in a thick cardboard.
However, I soon found out it was super easy to depot them, no heating required. All you need to do is stick a knife in between the packaging and the pan and it'll come out.

I popped the pans into other compacts and now they are much easier to use, and are shown a lot of love now. 

(Please excuse my iPhone quality pictures, I couldn't find my better camera) 

Until next time (:

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