Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dupe for Benefit Hoola: Sephora Collection Los Cabos Bronzer

Contouring is one of my favorite steps while I do my makeup, and Hoola is my favorite bronzer. Hoola is a cult favorite bronzer, and for a good reason. It is the perfect contour color. Its matte and not too warm. Last year I got Benefit's Hoola in a box set, and I have been rationing it ever since. I've made a slight dip in mine since I reserved it for summer purposes. Usually during the winter time I use NYC Sunny or Bourgeois Chocolate bronzer, but using them is never as satisfying as using Hoola. This winter, I haven't been enjoying Sunny or the chocolate bronzer like I usually do. And with that, I set off on a quest to find a bronzer that is cheaper than Hoola.

I went on Sephora's website to look for a new bronzer, and dang bronzers are expensive. The cheapest bronzer on the website was the Sephora one, and it had a good rating. When I went to the store I decided to swatch the Sephora collection bronzers next to Hoola, and I actually found a dupe for Hoola.

Sephora Collection Bronzer in Los Cabos is almost an exact dupe for Hoola. The Sephora Collection Bronzer is $17 for .3oz while Hoola is $28 for .28oz. You're paying almost half for slightly more product! Los Cabos is slightly cooler in tone, which makes it better for contouring purposes. Los Cabos isn't as matte as Hoola, but it is matte enough for contouring. When you look at the swatches below, you'll see how similar they actually are.

 In the pan Los looks extremely light, but it looks darker when swatched. It has a nice smooth texture and blends out really nicely. This is definitely my new holy grail bronzer. 
Very simple packaging

It comes with a nice big mirror

As you can see it looks really light in the pan

Los Cabos swatched

Los Cabos left, Hoola Right

Bourgeois Chocolate bronzer left, Los Cabos middle and Hoola Right
What is your holy grail bronzer?

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  1. is it long lasting the sephora one? is not patchy??